Champagne Jean Pernet
Its a family Affair​, Tradition and Modernity​


A family Affair​

Every bottle from Maison Jean Pernet is a tale of hard-work, elegance, craftsmanship and finesse. This is made possible by the inputs and ideas of family members based on their specific skill-sets. A tradition which will be passed to the future generations.

At the heart of the exceptional Champagne Jean Pernet bubbles lies the distinctive art  of collecting terroirs, distributed across the best crus of the champagne region.

Bespoke vinification by terroir and by vintage is made possible by a fleet of steel vats which allows for the natural evolution of the wine. Le savoir-faire de l’assemblage (the secret know-how of blending) passed on from one generation to another maintains the distinctive Maison Jean Pernet quality across all curvees.

Maison Jean Pernet practices sustainable viticulture and ensures respect for the environment and preservation of the terroir. By applying natural organic fertilizers, limiting the use of pesticides, ideal prunning and qualitative cover cropping, we strive to provide a safe haven for biodiversity in our vineyards.



Our vintages regularly receive awards at the regional, national and international levels,
testifying to their high quality and their popularity with informed audiences.


Tradition and Modernity
The very beginning

The first traces of wine-growing in the family ancestry dates back to the 17th century.


Domaine Jean Pernet

Domaine Jean Pernet boasts its humble origins from the family vineyard located in Mesnil Sur Oger at the heart of the Champagne region on the Côte des Blancs, prestigious Grand Cru terroir.

Maison Jean Pernet

Jean & Huguette Pernet founded Maison Jean Pernet, drawing upon the expertise and a know-how that has been transmitted from generation to generation. This bold and innovative decision to introduce the very first “champagne Jean Pernet” label laid the foundations of the modern day Champagne Jean pernet brand.

Frédéric & Christophe Pernet

Joined in the early 1980s by their two sons Frédéric & Christophe Pernet, the family estate grew tremendously, with both brothers silently pushing the boundaries in Champagne.

The art of collecting terroirs

Today, the vineyard covers 17 hectares (40 acres)  across the communes of Le Mesnil sur Oger, Vertus , Chouilly (all first growth areas for chardonnay), and also the traditional vineyard of Epernay, Chavot and Leuvrigny.

Exponential Growth & Global Presence

À ses débuts, la cave produisait environ 15 000 bouteilles par an. Ce chiffre a évolué d’année en année pour atteindre aujourd’hui 120 000! Nous exportons actuellement 85% de cette production dans pas moins de 30 pays différents.